Yieldfarm Token (YFT)

The rocket fuel of the Yieldfarm Ecosystem

The Yieldfarm Token is the utility token of the Yieldfarm Ecosystem. Holding YFT enables everyone to access the Yieldfarm platform and benefit from its yield optimization system. Also you will be able to participate in Yieldfarm’s platform fees and more to come. 

Discount on Vault Fee

A certain amount of YFT token holdings will be required for users to get a discount fee from Vault Management fee – which includes both Withdrawal fee and Reward harvesting fee


Users will also have the option to stake YFT tokens and earn fee rewards from Yieldfarm platforms and NFT airdrops.

Governance Voting

Users who own YFT tokens have the right to vote for proposals on changing Fee Structure of Yieldfarm , adapting new DEFI projects, APY of Auto Vault, etc…

New Farming Pools

Users who own a certain amount of YFT tokens can create a new farming pool on the manual farm and receive the sharing benefits from this pool.

Payment Token

YFT will be a token payment for other NFT marketplace partners.

Other utility

YFT will also bring great benefits for our affiliates, such as exemption from withdrawal fees.
Yieldfarming solution

Yieldfarming with Yieldfarm Token

Stake LP tokens, earn Yieldfarm tokens. You take on a little more exposure to market fluctuations than with the staking, but can earn higher APR to offset the risk. Users need “LP Tokens” to enter into a Farm. The Farms can only accept their own exact LP Token. For example, the YFT-BNB Farm will only accept YFT-BNB LP Tokens. To get the exact LP Token, you’ll need to provide liquidity for that trading pair. Therefore to get YFT-BNB LP Tokens, you’ll first have to provide liquidity for the YFT-BNB pair by using your YFT and BNB to purchase the YFT-BNB LP Token.

It may sound intimidating, but it’s not too complicated. Her team is gonna help you through step by step.

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